Vitamin K2+D3

Vitamin K2+D3


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4 Month Supply – 120 Vegetable Capsules

Want a life paved with heart health? Of course you do. We made the Vitamin K2+D3 complex just for you.

 Supports healthy arteries and blood flow

 Supports insulin signaling and sensitivity

 Improves bone density and strength

 Strengthens teeth

 Balances menopausal hormones

We know that heart complications are scary. They can be a real problem… This vitamin is the best way you can fight off heart disease while soaking up plenty of other benefits at the same time.

You will not believe the kind of health, happiness, and longevity of life this vitamin brings to the table. Take special care of your heart, hormones, and bones. You deserve it! That’s why we formulated our Vitamin K2 + D3 complex with you in mind.


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