Food Addiction & Weight Loss (Ep. 5)

Food Addiction & Weight Loss (Ep. 5)

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Food is tricky. It’s an absolute necessity for our survival, but it can also be the very thing that causes our disease. Unfortunately it also has addictive properties. I know firsthand the kinds of struggles that come about. The refined carbohydrates in our diet cause hormone releasing that resemble neurological pathways fired during drug addiction. Although many people like to pretend this is not a real issue, it is. Food addiction is very real, just like addiction to nicotine is very real. How do we expect to help people with their weight problems or metabolic diseases if we can’t acknowledge the struggle as that similar to beating a drug addiction? It makes living a ketogenic life somewhat a nightmare. Thus, it is so important to lay off those kinds of food. Replace those starchy and addictive foods with other kinds that are just as delicious – anything containing whole and natural fats. You don’t need to sacrifice taste for health. You just need to stay away from the bad food long enough to recognize you can break its grip. When that happens, you can start to really nail down your weight loss goals. Weight loss is not about counting your calories. It is about eating better food that does not trigger your insulin responses. That boils down the best kind of food as fat. Plain and simple – that is what you will eat if you want to lose weight and break your addiciton.

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Study on food addiction mentioned in the show:

Refined Food Addiction: A classic substance use disorder

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