Can’t See the Forest for the Trees (Ep. 8)

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees (Ep. 8)

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It seems like there is always some sort of objection to the ketogenic diet. Whether it’s heart disease or kidney failure, there is always some fear making way into the minds of people looking to start the diet. While you may not have heard of these objections before, they are bound to come up at some point or another. You should be prepared to understand why the diet is not dangerous. We go over 3 of them in the show: heart disease, thyroid scares, and kidney concerns. Follow each link to our articles (with tons of research references) to learn more about each situation.

  • Heart disease is not a disease of cholesterol. If it was, then we would see problems all over the vascular system – not just in the tiny space of the coronary arteries. Don’t be worried that your cholesterol goes up. You will have a healthier heart than most.
  • Your thyroid function will go down. But is that a bad thing? Does that mean your thyroid is hurt? Or maybe it means your body is more efficient with less thyroid activity – which would be a good thing. Because all of your thyroid hormones decrease, that means there is no build-up anywhere along the signaling cascades – so your body does not think it needs thyroid hormones. There are even studies that show less thyroid activity means a longer life. Decreasing your thyroid activity it a good thing! Please don’t worry about it.
  • Your kidney will be just fine! The only objection people have with the diet in relation to kidneys is that the high amount of protein can be harmful. Who said the keto diet is high in protein?!?! No one! It is moderate to low in protein. Anyway, high protein diets are only harmful if the person has pre-existing kidney dysfunction. Those kind of people have to watch their protein no matter what die they are on. There is nothing a high protein diet can do for a perfectly normal kidney.

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