Keto & Diabetes

The Path to Health Restoration

Diabetes mellitus coupled with a ketogenic diet is a match made in heaven. If you want to make a difference in the root causes of your disease, then you must give this diet therapy a look. But not just any look – a critical review. This is not a fad diet we use for marketing purposes. This is actually going to change the fundamentals of how your body functions. It is the best way to restore your health.

Obviously, we would do anything to change the past – to make this topic not as big of a deal as it is. We wish diabetes hadn’t become the epidemic is today. It is a sad world we live in where we have such an problem running rampant throughout the world.

The even worse part: diabetes (other than type 1) is usually avoidable.

High blood sugar is not the only problematic result of today’s diet. There are so many other diseases and complications that arise. They would never be here if we didn’t get over-sold on lies. Avoid the high insulin / high blood sugar by laying off the carbohydrates and sticking to fat. (Fat does not cause heart disease – in case you were wondering.)

You can't have high blood sugar if you don't eat any sugar

We face this reality all because of slick marketing and some people wanting to make money off changing our diet. Carbohydrate was the worst thing to promote… Fat was the worst thing to demonize… Whoops…

But it happened, and now we have to deal with it – with our heads held high. There is not much use in complaining, but there is a lot of value in trying to change it. That is what we are here to do.

And we know you have the power to make that happen. It all starts with recognizing your health (both physical and mental). Then we come in to give you real solutions to change the course of your disease. Are you ready to experience life from a whole new stance?

Summary of Keto

In reality, reversing your diabetes through diet comes down to two sentences:

Happiness in health is the goal. Carbohydrate restriction is the path.

That is all there is to the ketogenic lifestyle. Keep it simple. To generalize the diet, you will be eating mostly fat for energy (rather than carbohydrate). This induces a new type of metabolism called “ketosis.” You start to generate ketones as your fuel source – as opposed to glucose. Thus, it is called the “ketogenic diet.”

Breakdown: 75% fat (~175 g) — 20% protein (~125 g) — 5% carbohydrate (~30 g)

Keto diet: 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbohydrate

We have the all the scientific data you could ever want about this therapy. There is real proof out there that this stuff really works. So much that it’ll make your head spin. It’ll make you question where the heck we got our national diet guidelines from in the first place. But we have a feeling you care more about the results…

You will gain both health and happiness as a result of having just a tiny amount of faith – the size of a mustard seed is all you need, and this diet will prove itself in no time. You will see why it has hit such popularity in recent times.

So many people have trust in big company marketing: whole grains are good; sterilized milk is good; red meat is bad; saturated fat causes heart disease; certified doctors know best.

Oh, but the thing about these claims: they are not rooted in science AT ALL. They just print these thoughts on their products and get people to believe them. Unfortunately, the public is a lot more susceptible to that versus actual science.

That’s because the people who know the truth don’t have a loud enough voice, but we are breaking through that barrier. We know the truth. And you are the real asset. You managing your own disease and spreading the word is the most effective kind of marketing there is. You just have to give it a try.

People are willing to put a lot of trust in almost anything. The problem arises when the thing you are putting trust in doesn’t have the foundation to hold up.

The ketogenic diet does. It is a solid rock of truth. If you put the tiniest amount of faith in this therapy, you will gain more than ever thought possible – because it is real.

Take a look around our various web pages to find out for yourself. It is our duty to show you the light. See how this diet really is the path to freedom from diabetes.

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