We could all use a little more "feel good" in our lives
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While I don't like to admit it, I was diagnosed as bipolar many years ago. It has been a rough battle to say the least. Rough especially on my parents. But today I stand successful. I graduated engineering school, landed a great job, rebuilt the relationship with my parents, and am happy. Oh, and I am off all medications. I am not saying this diet fixes everything. But cleaning up what I put in my body was the foundation.
Yes - that is a picture of me and my mom.
And yes - it was only a diagnosis, not me.
Live Happy and Healthy
Live your life without the weight of type mental fog on your shoulders. Quit living in a cloud of uncertainty. Live a life of in which you are confident in your health. 
Prevent Complications
Prevent other health issues like obesity, inflammation, arthritis, gout, dementia, Alzheimer's, and other diseases related to improper food input. Mental health is multi-faceted.
Reverse Mental Disorders
That's right. I personally use a ketogenic diet, along with many other things, to keep my bipolarity in check. It has helped countless others too. What are you waiting for?
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