Making a Lifestyle Change

Making a Lifestyle Change

At Beta BIOS we talk a lot about making a lifestyle change. Becoming more healthy, happy, and content by committing to a ketogenic lifestyle. We give guidelines on how this is possible in our Active Keto program but it can still be extremely difficult to make complete lifestyle changes. You may agree that changing your lifestyle begins with changing your habits, building beneficial new ones and getting rid of harmful old ones. Easier said then done though, right?

Well, there is a video that has really helped me when it comes to forming new habits that I think can really help you do the same. It is a TedTalk by BJ Fogg titled Forget Big Change, Start With a Tiny Habit.[1] As the title suggests, this presentation is all about how setting the bar too high is a recipe for failure. BJ Fogg is a proponent that  you must start with just “tiny habits” that will build into longterm huge accomplishments and lifestyle changes. Even though it may take longer for you to see results in the beginning, you will be building a solid foundation for your “tiny habits” to grow and turn into significant lifestyle changes.

Without going into too much detail on BJ’s presentation I would like to give you an idea of what it is about in hopes that you will click the link and watch the whole video yourself, it is only 17 and a half minutes long. BJ suggests that there is a relationship between how hard something is and your motivation to do it that determines whether or not you will do something. For instance if something is extremely difficult, like running a marathon, your motivation to do it will most likely be on the lower end of the spectrum. On the other hand is something is very easy, like flossing one tooth, then your motivation to do it will probably be higher. It is BJ’s hypothesis that in order to create a new “ting habit” in your life you have to create it so that it will be easy to do so that you will have the motivation.

Unfortunately, just because something is easy and you may be more motivated to do it, you might not necessarily do it because you do not have a call to action. In other words you don’t have anything that “triggers” you to perform the action. BJ suggests putting the tiny habit in sequence with a habit that you already currently do. His example being that he started by doing two pushups after every time he went to the restroom. This tiny habit of his has grown and developed and he says that he is up to doing around 50 push ups a day just because he started his very tiny habit.

The moral of the story here is that I know making a lifestyle change is extremely difficult. I don’t want you to fail at becoming a happier and healthier person so therefore I don’t want you to set the bar too high for yourself. That is not to say you can’t if that is the type of personality you have and that is what works for you. I am just saying from my experience it is a good idea to use this method or find one similar that works for you when trying to develop new habits that can flourish into completely new and better lifestyle changes. Give this a shot and as always, please contact us at Beta BIOS if you have any questions.


[1]  Fogg, B. (2012). Forget Big Change, Start with a Tiny Habit.

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