Long-Term Strategy for Success

Long-Term Strategy for Success

Do You Struggle to Follow the Diet?

The ketogenic diet is simple in concept but can be difficult in practice. The road is not always paved with success.

Have you ever wondered…

“How are people so disciplined on this ketogenic diet?”

“No carbs at all?!? But they are just so addicting.”

“How am I supposed to continue this for the rest of my life?”

“Why can’t I just be like Susie who follows the diet flawlessly?”

Some people simply have a better strategy, and you will learn all about how to apply that in your own life. This will be how you obtain success. If you want more personalized help with this for your diabetic condition, then feel free to sign-up with us here! We would love to help you out.

But before we talk strategy, we need to talk about the way we view other people on the diet.

Most of the time we love to think everyone else follows the diet so much better than we do. (It’s unhealthy to be doing this. It only leads to negativity and recycling of the bad behaviors.)

Struggle - seeing other people's success can hurt

All of the people on YouTube and Facebook make it seem so easy. It gets us creating a false image in our mind of what the diet is really like.

It can actually be frustrating to see how well they do! How the heck do they keep it up? 

Am I right? For some reason, no matter how badly we want to follow the diet, we give in to old behaviors. It is one of those annoying facts of human existence.

Even if you do a great job of following the diet, you have to admit the tempestuous thoughts that pop into your head.

I know I have definitely struggled with this stuff. Avoiding the bad food is not easy. The temptation is all around in today’s society.

==> The truth of the matter: people struggle with it a lot more than they like to admit.

You need to learn strategy. You do no need to feel bad about “doing it wrong.” We are here to help you with that.

The Truth

I am here to tear down the facade of the idea that everyone else does it better than you. It is not true. Everyone struggles. You are not alone.

The world of ketogenics is a giant roller-coaster. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Sometimes you are just totally killing it. Buying all the right food; avoiding the cheap snacks; hanging around other people who get your low-carb lifestyle…

And then, BOOM! You are at the bottom again with eating breads, pastas, and cake. It is so tasty in the moment.. But you know it doesn’t feel right. You don’t want to do it, yet you do.

This is not to point out anyone’s flaws. This is to point out the hardships of the keto journey – because that’s exactly what it is: a journey.

You are not supposed to be perfect at it right off the bat. Success will come.

But we want to work on getting you to a place where you have so much discipline and confidence that it is second nature to say “no” to those foods.

Relive the pressure of perfection - success will come

But it takes time. You must realize that and be patient. That used to be a personal struggle of mine as well.

I just wanted to be perfect at it, but it wasn’t realistic right away.

However, I kept pushing through, learning from my mistakes, and asking for help. It is becoming second nature to eat only what is best for me.

I hope this takes some pressure off you because it can be debilitating. Patience is the first key to success.

But on the other hand, passivity will get you nowhere. You have to actively choose to want a better life. Then you will find you get better and better at the diet. But do not worry if you aren’t doing it well at first.

Just remember that everyone struggles with it. It’s just that some of us are more willing to talk about it than other people. Even veterans of the diet recognize they get triggering thoughts. But with strategies in place you can learn to avoid those addictive behaviors.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Strategy for Long-Term Success

I am giving you my detailed strategy for ensuring success. I use this all the time, and it is the formula I have perfected over time. It works wonders in other people – if they decide to follow it. That’s the catch. But it completely changes their lives if they do.

Remember this is an active process. You have got to want a better life for yourself and your family if you are to succeed. That might sound like a lot of pressure, but I assure you that it isn’t.

I’m 100% confident that you want a better life, so you are already there! I am just going to give you the formula for keeping it up. I have them in this order for a reason – because it works. Try shifting the pathway of your mind to think more like this.

You’ll be surprised at how well it works. Make it a daily routine, and you will dominate the diet.

1) Realize you are human. You will make many mistakes – really bad ones, too. Are you going to fuss about them or learn from them? (In case you couldn’t tell, the latter choice is the correct one…) Yes, it is okay to make mistakes, but we need to find a way to make them naturally less frequent.

==> Although it sounds cliche, it is just about the most important thing to learn from your mistakes. Why did you give into temptation that time?

2) Asking “why” is your best friend from now on. Why do you feel the need to eat poorly? Get to the root of the issue. Like me, maybe it’s because you have a food addiction. Maybe its because you surround yourself with negative influences. Maybe its because you haven’t fully accepted your health condition.

==> When you start asking “why”, you start subconsciously collecting data in your mind. When that happens, you can start changing the roots of your behavior. You can start planting better seeds in your soul that lead to magnificent fruit — following the diet, becoming healthier, and becoming happier.

3) Planting new seeds. Once you realize why you are making mistakes, then you can start reorienting yourself.

==> Instead of coming from a place of addiction or denial, which drives your negative behaviors, come from a place of happiness with your family. Or maybe you come from a place of wanting a longer life. Perhaps you just want to come from a place of saving more money $$$.

==> Whatever it is, it has to be from a positive center pointing towards a better future.

==> When you start changing your inner stance, your behaviors and that beautiful fruit of health and happiness will flourish from you. But it takes time and nurturing – just like a plant sprouting from a seed. I use “planting” because it is ongoing, and you constantly have to re-plant those seeds. But it becomes easier with time.

4) Grocery Shopping. Once you start forming better roots in your life, you will see your desires change. You will want to follow the diet. Then it is time to actually hit the grocery store! These tips are gold-mines of knowledge. Please take a seriously look at them – they will help your success tremendously.

==> If the “cost of the diet” is scaring you away, I want to pull the curtain down and reveal the truth. It is only as expensive as you make it. I actually spend less money than I used to before the diet. It’s because I strategize:

Saving that money! Less $$ spending means more success


==> Skip breakfast – it is not the most important meal of the day. Instead, make keto coffee (butter, coconut oil, and cream mixed into your coffee). It is cheaper than “real” breakfast, and it gives you so much energy! After 2 days of skipping, you will already be used to it.

==> Spinach, asparagus, jalapenos, mushrooms, and any other raw produce is so cheap! And each one is so freakin’ good fried in butter or bacon grease! Don’t worry about buying the expensive organic kind. Right now, it is only important to buy less carbohydrate.

==> Ask the deli counter if they have any beef fat cuts they aren’t going to use. Several times I have walked into the grocery story and walked out with pounds of FREE beef fat. I straight-up fry the fat cuts in a pan, and eat them like they are pieces of steak. So good. And last I checked, FREE is pretty cheap.. Just ask!

==> Beef, chicken, sausage, bacon, etc. are all very fat-filled and cheap at the same time. Pick up as much of these as you want because you can store them in your freezer for months. You cannot store eggs, but they do make for delicious and cheap meals.

==> Order sealed food (coconut oil, almond butter, almond flour, etc.) online. They are cheaper more often than not.

==> Cheese makes for excellent snacks. This going to be your luxury item. Cheese can be more expensive than most things, especially if you buy the “good stuff.” But actually, you don’t need to spend too much on it. A brick of generic cheddar, pepper jack, etc. can last you a while – and it only runs about $7 (in Colorado).

5) Have emergency foods prepared. There are going to be times when you want nothing else than a piece of cake or candy. There are tons of recipes on the internet and on our Facebook Page for keto-friendly versions of these desserts.

==> It is imperative that you have desserts stored away beforehand. I promise you: when you are in the mood for sweets and you don’t have emergency ones right there, you are not going to take the time to make them. You are going to go straight to the cookie jar or gas station for a fix. This has happened to me so many times.

==> Make keto fat bombs, chocolate peanut butter cups, strawberry cups, no-bake cookies, and even keto bread (almond flour) when you are in a good mood and are feeling the “keto vibe.” You will be saving yourself.

==> We do not recommend eating the keto sweets too often even though they are technically “approved.” We still do not think it is good to eat foods your’e craving because it’s a sign of addiction or hormone release.

==> I have even gotten caught in that trap: you still must watch out for keto-friendly food. But they are better than the alternative, so that’s why we suggest them as a back-up.

6) Reach out for help! The best way to ensure long-term success is to have a community of people with the same goals in mind. You can all support each other. When I attended the Low Carb Breck conference, I never felt so happy and accepted in my life. People there “got it.”

==> It was then that I realized how important friendship through this journey is. We can only make it there if we do it together. If you are struggling to find that community, we have a growing Facebook Group that we would love for your to become a part of.

==> We are a growing family that just wants to spread the truth about diet. We all truly want to see your success. One person at a time is how we can change the world of health. And we could not do it without you.

Thank you so much for choosing a healthy lifestyle.

That was a pretty quick overview of the best ways to see your success happen. Remember it is an on going battle, and you will need to nurture yourself and your health to make sure it works. Having a community will certainly help with that.

Smiley Face - we want your success

But now, I want to take a second to thank you for being a part of such an important movement. The fact that you care enough to learn about the ketogenic lifestyle means you are miles ahead of the rest of the world.

That means we need to bring up the rest of the world with us. So many people still do not know about the diet and how it can help disease and change lives. Spread the word! Nothing is so important to us as seeing your success – then seeing it funneled through to other people is what makes this work.

You are literally so awesome for wanting a better life – people like you are an inspiration to all of us. That’s why we do this! It just warms our hearts.

And no, we are not just telling you this for any desired or expected outcome. We truly believe it.

But anyway… If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the diet or strategy, then feel free to leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you!

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