A Light at the end of the Tunnel

A Light at the end of the Tunnel

Today I wanted to follow up on yesterdays blog post about Lizmari by telling you about someone who was able to overcome a similar struggle. If you have not read the post about Lizmari, please click here to read her story before reading about Mary Roberts. I came across a blog post by Mary Roberts on Ketovangelist.com and wanted show you that there is hope for Lizmari and everyone like her to overcome the type 2 diabetic struggle.

Mary Roberts was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in October 2008 however the morning of her post her fasting blood sugar was 86. This is a fasting blood sugar of a non-diabetic. In fact, Mary’s doctor said that at her current condition, there is no way she would be diagnosed with diabetes. For this reason she (and I) consider her to be cured. She currently takes no diabetic medications, experiences no symptoms of diabetes, and is the happiest and healthiest she has been since being diagnosed. So how did she do it?

Mary accomplished this the same way we promote and the same way that can work for you, the ketogenic diet. Like us, Mary is appalled by the high carb foods that ADA recommends to type 2 diabetics. She exclaims, “Holy moly. If I ate those foods, not only would they cause me to crave, I would be fatigued and my blood sugar would go through the roof.”[1] Instead of believing what the “experts” at the ADA was feeding her, Mary found her solution through the ketogenic diet. By reducing carb intake to 20 grams a day or less, Mary has been able to lose weight while at the same time lowering her blood glucose to a non diabetic state.

If you are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, you are in luck. You too can overcome your diabetic plight by utilizing the ketogenic diet. We know that it can be harder than it sounds so we want to help you along the way. Subscribe today to our Active Keto Program and you will receive everything you need to fight your diabetes the right way. The way that has helped Mary Roberts cure her diabetes. If you are ready to take initiative and want to become healthier today don’t wait, sign up right now. The benefit you will get from the Active Keto Program is not worth passing up.


[1] Roberts, M. (n.d.). The ketogenic diet and my type 2 diabetes. [Blog] Ketovangelist. Available at: https://www.ketovangelist.com/the-ketogenic-diet-and-my-type-2-diabetes/


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