What You Should Know Before Going Keto

What You Should Know Before Going Keto

A lifestyle change may be an understatement for those looking to commit to a ketogenic lifestyle. In fact, those like Katie Gutierrez like to call this incredible change a “lifestyle overhaul”. Katie started the ketogenic diet in hopes of reversing her polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) so that she could live her dream of having children. This isn’t much different from someone looking to reverse their diabetes with the same powerful ketogenic diet. Therefore if you are looking to accomplish the latter you will gain a lot of useful insight on Katie’s advice.

I came across Katie’s blog post called “What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Ketogenic Diet” on asweetlife.com the other day and I knew immediately that I wanted to share her experience with the Beta BIOS audience. Katie’s advice is coming from someone who had never before heard of the ketogenic diet or even gone a diet. Through extreme motivation and perseverance, Katie was able to accomplish the ketogenic lifestyle overhaul. But even though she struggled through this incredible change with minimal expectations, this is a summary of what she wishes she would have known before jumping into the keto way.

  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel. There is no doubt that you can succeed in making the ketogenic lifestyle shift on your own. If you are motivated and ready to make the change you have everything necessary to struggle through this difficult transition. The good thing is – you don’t have to! There are numerous resources out there that will ease your transition into the ketogenic lifestyle. One example is the Perfect Keto Program and the ketogenic benefit Facebook group. This program with the Facebook group will definitely help you significantly along the way.

  2. Have Patience. Getting into ketosis doesn’t happen overnight. In fact it took Katie an entire week to achieve this state. Moreover this is actually a pretty quick transition! It can take quite a while to not only shift away from carbs but to achieve a state of ketosis. Unfortunately, during the initial transition period you are more than likely to feel worse than before you started. Symptoms you may experience include: fatigue, lethargic sensations, brain fog, and a constant dull headache. Just don’t let this discourage you from the keto lifestyle, when your body adjusts to the new and improved food you are feeding it you will feel better than ever before.

  3. You WILL feel better than ever. Again, don’t give up when you feel worse. Like getting off of any other bad substance, there will be a period where you feel worse when you cut off carb intake. Keep reminding yourself that it will get so much better. In fact, when Katie went on the diet she never expected that the diet would make her feel any better, her only motivation was to regain fertility. She ended up finding out that she felt more healthy than she had ever felt before. In her blog she wrote, “When I’m in ketosis, I’m clear-minded, clear-skinned, energetic, and focused. If I’d known this, I would have gone keto a decade ago, before insulin resistance had a chance to wreak havoc on my hormones.”[1]
  4. Don’t give in to temptation. There is a chance that you will get powerful cravings for sugary sweets while in ketosis. It may be tempting to convince yourself that because you have been doing so good that you earned a treat. This is a slippery, slippery slope and you need to remember that food is medicine and that you don’t want to poison yourself with a candy bar or cake. Especially after all of the work you are going to have to do to achieve ketosis! Don’t fret though! There are plenty of low carb sweet alternatives out there that will help you through your cravings. Experiment with some different low carb sweets until you find the ones you love. Keep some of these on hand to subdue your sweet cravings in a healthy keto friendly way.

  5. Eating out can be dangerous. There is no lying that everyone enjoys a nice meal out. This isn’t to say that you can not eat on the ketogenic diet. Just be careful. Don’t be afraid to look through a whole menu to find a meal that you can make work with your diet. Most restaurants like to serve complimentary bread rolls, chips and salsa, and many other carb filled items before you oder. Resist these items and save room for your keto friendly entree. One example that Katie gives is a riceless chipotle bowl.

  6. Fat is your best friend. It is a contradictory thought that a high fat diet will help reverse conditions like diabetes and even help you lose weight. It is so ingrained in our minds that fat clogs arteries, is responsible for weight gain, and makes you unhealthy. This is just completely not true and slowly but surely the science is coming out that proves a high fat, low carb diet is the healthiest diet to be on. Trust that you are apart of the cutting edge of healthy diets and that very soon the ketogenic lifestyle will be recognized for being as tremendously amazing as it really is.

  7. Track your carbs. At first, especially if you have never been on a diet like this, it is going to be hard to keep track of your nutritional intake. Katie suggests using My Fitness Pal to keep track of you carb intake day to day before getting a solid idea of how live the ketogenic lifestyle.

  8. Find ways to keep yourself motivated. Definitely keep track of your progress. Take measurements of things like glucose levels, weight, waist measurements, etc. Record your monthly improvement and this will without a doubt giving you motivation to continue down the keto road toward healthy and happy living.

The ketogenic diet isn’t like taking a miracle pill and having your condition reversed overnight. Making a lifestyle shift of this magnitude is a lot of hard work. The good thing is, you are on the blog post for a reason, you have all of the motivation and dedication inside of you to make it happen. Don’t put it off any longer, start your transition now. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.


[1] Gutierrez, K. (2017). What I wish I’d Known Before Starting a Ketogenic Diet. [Blog] A Sweet Life. Available at: https://asweetlife.org/what-i-wish-id-known-before-starting-a-ketogenic-diet/

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