Corruption in the Health Industry

Corruption in the Health Industry

Today I would like to tell you about the story of Dr. Gary Fettke.

Dr. Fettke is an Australian Orthopedic Surgeon — the type of surgeon that amputates the limbs of diabetics. Instead of amputating the limbs of diabetics, Dr. Fettke wanted to prevent his patients from getting to that point.

This is when he decided to become an advocate of a LCHF diet, which Fettke calls a Low Carb Healthy Fat diet.

Fettke saw the pain and hardships his patients went through and wanted to treat diabetics before they got to the point of needing amputations. He believed that the majority of the problem stemmed from an unhealthy diet and he set out to change this.

Fettke started to advice his patients to start a LCHF diet as a means of treating their diabetes. He also started to call for changes in the food served at the hospital that he worked at.

However, when nothing changed he started to use social media and the internet as a source of getting information about the LCHF diet out to the public.

Even though he was giving diabetics honest advice with the intention of helping them, after an anonymous complaint, Fettke was put under investigation for advocating a LCHF diet.

Australia’s medical regulatory body,  Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA), decided that Dr. Fettke is no longer allowed to advice anyone on diet.

They have gone as far as to say that even if a LCHF diet becomes the commonly accepted diet, he is still not allowed to advise it. Their reasoning is that, 

“There is nothing associated with your (Dr. Fettke) medical training or education that makes you an expert or authority in the field of nutrition, diabetes or cancer. Even if, in the future, your views on the benefits of the LCHF lifestyle become the accepted best medical practice this does not change the fundamental fact that you are not suitably trained or educated as a medical practitioner to be providing advice or recommendations on this topic.”

So basically they are saying that a trained and highly intelligent medical professional is not allowed to advise his patients of a proper diet for their conditions.

However, AHPRA is not concerned about Dr. Fettke’s advice harming his patients. In fact, they are not concerned about the lives of his patients at all. What AHPRA is concerned about is losing their reputation.

AHPRA informed Fettke that they were also investing him for “inappropriately reversing (a patient’s) type 2 diabetes”.

None of Fettke’s patients ever complained about Fettke’s advice. Not to mention that he was able to help one of his patients reverse their diabetes with this diet. If AHPRA really cared about the patients they would be pleased with Fettke’s work.

Instead, they are worried that the word will get around that the diet they recommend for diabetics is more harmful than it is helpful and they will look badly to the public.

Therefore, they put an end to Dr. Fettke’s push toward reversing diabetes with a LCHF diet to prevent anymore stories from coming to light. 

US professor of cellular biology Richard Feinman says AHPRA is “more concerned with saving face than saving lives.”

Personally I am appalled by stories like this. I am very similar to Dr. Fettke in that I also have a deep passion to help people.

I find the corruption in the medical industries around the world to be disheartening.

I hate to hear that not only do doctors not recommend the ketogenic diet to diabetics, but they can possibly get into trouble for doing so.

Much like Dr. Fettke, I will never stop advocating the LCHF, ketogenic diet because I know in my heart that it is the best diet for people. The health benefits you get from this diet can not be suppressed by large health industries for very long.

The information is getting out and there are new success stories popping up everyday.

If you ever experience a push back from your physicians and other doctors about the ketogenic diet, make sure to be reluctant to their advice.

There are a lot of qualified and highly trained medical professionals that recommend a ketogenic diet. They have done studies and research on the topic beyond what most care to do.

Know that there are other entities in the world that will help you with your pursuit to a healthier and happier lifestyle. And above all know that Beta BIOS will be here to help you along the way.

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