The Best of Both Worlds – Why Sacrifice?

The Best of Both Worlds – Why Sacrifice?

So, yesterday I was feeling a little bored with my food options. I hadn’t been grocery shopping in a little bit, and of course that meant that my choices of meals were limited. I decided it’s probably a good time to go a-shoppin’. Before doing that, I took some time to look up new recipe ideas. With everything I picked up, I am so excited to be making these new meals. The ketogenic diet is far from boring, and hopefully you can see that too.

Some interesting recipes that I wanted to make were all keto-friendly: cauliflower macaroni and cheese; crabcakes; and coconut no-bake cookies. I seriously could not wait to get back home with these fresh ingredients. I have only made one of the recipes so far, but man am I excited to be making the others. I tried out the cauliflower mac and cheese, and it was crazy how good it actually was! I couldn’t even tell that I was on a diet.

It really solidified in my mind that there is not much “work” associated with the diet. The only hard part is everyone around you indulging in breads and other carb-filled foods. But even that is easy to deal with if you have great food substitutes to work with. You will not feel the need to eat junk when you have delicious meal options waiting for you.

For every snack, treat, or meal that you miss while living the ketogenic lifestyle, there is a keto-friendly counterpart to it. You do not have to sacrifice taste for health.

Another point I want to bring up about living the ketogenic lifestyle is its cost. One of the biggest complaints I hear is that it is way too expensive. When you actually do the analysis, it really isn’t.

First of all, which is more expensive: being hospitalized and receiving medication for diabetes; or paying a few extra bucks every time you go shopping? While you can’t put a cost to your life, is buying better food really more expensive than dying at an earlier age? We all know what the answer is. I do not mean to get gruesome, but that is the reality. Sooner or later, you will reach a point when you wish that you had taken care of your body at an earlier age. Many of you probably already feel that way.

Besides the long term effects and costs down the line, you eat less when you are on the diet. Eating fats is much more satiating than eating carbs, so you do not feel as hungry. Along with that, the ketone bodies you metabolize from eating fats are much more energy dense than glucose from carbs. This means that you not only feel less hungry, your body is less hungry. You buy food much left often!

Since starting the diet, I have noticed some changes in my grocery bill. The total cost comes out to be similar to before I started the diet, but I get much less food. And guess what. That smaller amount of food still lasts me the same two weeks!

So I am hoping to show you that this diet does not really feel like a diet at all. I do not sense myself sacrificing a whole lot. The one thing that I have yet to find a delicious substitute for is beer. But I think if that is my greatest struggle, then my life is pretty dang good.

I find that people do not quite know the lifestyle can be made easy, or at least easier. If you have the right resources, then you can feel the same way that the taste and money do not need to be sacrificed.

My partner and I are currently in the works of creating a recipe book specifically for diabetic patients who are are interested in or currently using the ketogenic diet. In order to provide the best value possible, we of course make every dish that we put in there. I am amazed at the plethora of resources out there!

The only problem is that you have to log onto your computer every time you want to find a new recipe. Well that’s where we come in. We are taking only the best recipes from around the web and putting them into a single, compiled book for you. When this recipe book comes out, we are sure that it will be a big hit.

We want to go ahead and offer anybody who signs up for our Active Keto program a 100% free copy of this book (and the other goodies that will come with it) when it comes out. We are sure that you will love everything we have to offer!

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon!

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