An Alternative Healing Story

An Alternative Healing Story

Although we have talked a lot about how this diet is the best way to manage your diabetic condition, I thought it would be good for you to hear about one specific benefit that the diet has brought me. While the ketogenic diet has brought me better energy levels, mental focus, and happiness, there is one in particular that has caught my attention: its effects on tooth decay. This is a story about my personal experience, not from research. I know this benefit to be true (because I live through it), and I figured it would be a cool story to share.

The Discovery

When I was traveling around in Europe a while back, I had noticed something that disturbed me. I was brushing my teeth one day and happened to see something on my tooth while looking in the mirror. On a molar on the left side of my mouth I found a dark spot. I thought it was a piece of food, but after trying to scratch it off and brushing my teeth, it was still there.

I came to the conclusion that it was a cavity. And a pretty nasty one at that. Every time I bit down on a piece of food on that side of my mouth, my tooth would instantly ache.

I have never once had a cavity so big that it was visible to the naked eye without x-rays. Naturally, this freaked me out quite a bit, and I immediately started to think of my dentist back home. Is there anyway this guy could help me cure my cavity without a filling? Probably not.

I was concerned about the money, pain, and time involved with going through a procedure like that. I hate going to the dentist, and even worse, I hate getting that drill shoved in my mouth.

The Quick Research

Because I was so far from home and it would be a long time before I came back, I decided to do some research on alternative ways to heal a cavity. I came across an article put out by Dr. Axe that describes ways to heal a cavity.

Wait, heal a cavity? No such thing, right? You have to go to the dentist to have them put a filling in you. There is no way to heal tooth damage without a procedure. Or so we’re told… Maybe the dentist industry just wants you to think that as a way to force you into costly procedures.

The Solution

I had done a large amount of research on what causes tooth decay. The main substance that allows the enamel-eating bacteria to thrive in your mouth is phytic acid. Phytic acid is a natural result of eating sugars and grains (yes, even whole grains). Bacteria thrives in this acidic environment.

This was at a time that I was contemplating the ketogenic diet, but I had yet to start using it. I had a history of eating large amounts of breads and other grains because they were so cheap. Well, it turns out that this was what was causing my oral health problems in the first place. This was just another reason from me to get off carbs. The first step to healing was to cut out my carb intake.

One more remedy that I found was minerals. They play a large part in teeth (bone) health. While this may seem obvious, you have to be careful that those minerals are actually getting absorbed into the bones. One method is to use mineralizing toothpaste with magnesium, calcium, and zinc  to help build back the bone. Also supplementing your diet with these minerals will be of tremendous help: magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamin d, and vitamin k.

The final remedy (the real difference-maker) was to be sure to eat a lot of fats instead of carbs. There is actually a common practice known as “oil pulling” that Dr. Axe talks about. It is the method of swishing around fats and oils in your mouth, much like you do with mouthwash. The fats are able to absorb and extract much of the phytic acid (fat soluble) living in your mouth. This will create a truly clean oral environment for your mouth to shine.

The Results

The results have been magnificent. While I do not recommend avoiding the dentist, I have not seen the dentist since I started on the ketogenic diet. There is no need for me. I look in the mirror on a daily basis, and that dark spot on my tooth is gone! I completely reversed my cavity by just following simple science. Even though when I first noticed the cavity, I was not all-in on the ketogenic diet, I then realized that everything I learned was leading me to that conclusion: follow the ketogenic diet and any health issues you have suddenly become obsolete, less severe, or completely reversed! Your body is meant to heal itself. You can guess that I have been following the ketogenic diet ever since.

All I had to do what change my eating habit from breads/carbs to lots of fats. I also supplemented in minerals and vitamins that support my tooth and bone health at the same time as making sure to swish around some oil in my mouth every day.

It is that simple.

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