Already Break Your New Year’s Resolution?

Already Break Your New Year’s Resolution?

Happy New Year!

Wow! It is hard to believe that 2017 is now history!

New Year’s is an exciting time when you get to reflect on your previous year and anticipate your year to come.

This New Year, I got hit with an overwhelming realization that time really does fly by. I got to thinking, and I came to the conclusion that a lot of people get this feeling around New Year’s. This is why I think the idea of “New Year’s Resolutions” is so popular.

With the way our society is structured it is easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle. Thoughts about what you “want” to do, like eating healthier and working out, are easily drowned out by all of thoughts of what you “have” to do, like work to pay the bills. But around this time you get to take a step back and breath for a second.

On one hand, you have time to take pride in all of your accomplishments. On the other hand, you have time to think about all of the things you “put off”.

If you are anything like I am, there is at least one thing you really wanted to do, one routine you really wanted to add to your schedule, or one lifestyle change you really wanted to make this past year. You probably thought about it constantly, but with your busy schedule you just never did it.

Now it’s 2018 and you are realizing you never started working out next week, or you never found those healthy recipes you were going to start cooking next month, or you never asked that person out on a date tomorrow. Maybe you are feeling guilty that tomorrow turned into next week and next week turned into next month…

So now next month has turned into next year and here you are. You aren’t going to put it off anymore. New Year, new you. Right?

Is it really that easy?

The Problem With New Year’s Resolutions

No. It is not that easy.

While surfing the internet the other day I came across a quote that read, “We’re two days into 2018, and – if you listen closely – you can already hear New Year’s resolutions breaking around the globe.”

This led to a myriad of funny New Year’s resolution quotes and about 15 minutes later I had inspiration to write this blog post.

So why do we never keep our New Year’s resolutions?

The fact of the matter is that if you could wake up on January 1st, after potentially indulging yourself the night before, and make all of the changes you had been putting off the year before… You would have already done it!

If it were that easy, if you could just do that one thing you have been putting off overnight, you wouldn’t have been putting it off to begin with.

I’m not saying that the start of a new year doesn’t spark a significant amount of motivation and drive. And I’m not saying that all New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail. But unfortunately most people break their resolutions just a small amount of time into the new year. We will set our resolutions and we will commit to them strong with all of our new found motivation. The first few days or maybe even weeks, we will do a great job maintaining our resolutions but soon 2018 will feel exactly like 2017 did and we will lose our motivation and our resolutions will fade away. We will soon find ourselves caught up in the same hustle and bustle that plagued us the year before.

Before we know it, 2018 will be coming to an end and that one thing will have escaped our grasp once again!

The way I see it, there are three main problems with New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Significant changes don’t happen overnight. Even though it is a new year, the difference is only one day. It may feel like a significant change due to all of the hype about the new year, but that is bound to fade away. When the confetti settles and the fireworks stop, the new year will feel the same as the year before.

  2. New Year’s resolutions are expected to fail. Lets be honest, New Year’s resolutions are basically a joke. This makes it easy to give them up. You can easily just laugh it off when your coworker calls you out on drinking that soda you swore off at the beginning of the year.

  3. The goals are set too high. Remember, these resolutions are for making changes of things you really struggle with. If you really struggle with something, you can’t expect that the difference of one day will eliminate any struggle. If you struggle with writing, you wouldn’t expect to be able to become an award winning author overnight!

How to Really Accomplish Your Goals This Year

First of all, don’t make a New Year’s resolution. That is just excepting failure right out of the gate. That is not to say you can’t start working toward your goals while the year is still young. The difference is that you aren’t going to fall victim to the problems of a “New Year’s resolution”.

To give you an idea of how to tackle and conquer a goal this year, instead of fail at a New Year’s resolution, I will use an example.

Let’s say you really want to start waking up earlier but you have a habit of hitting the snooze button and oversleeping. Let’s take a look at how you would go about fixing this the “New Year’s resolution” way and compare it to a solution that is more likely to succeed.

The New Year’s Resolution Way

With this way, you are going to set your resolution of waking up earlier and you are going to convince yourself that you WILL wake up early on January 1st. Maybe you will commit to not staying up until midnight to bring in the New Year but instead you will get to bed early. You will set your alarm for a ridiculously early time for you to wake up. You might even set multiple alarms to insure you get up. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Let’s assume that you on January 1st you get up at exactly the time you want to get up every morning. It is several hours earlier than when you normally sleep until so you are proud of this accomplishment. However this is an enormous change for your body and a transition like this won’t come without consequences.

Most likely you are going to be exhausted from waking up so much earlier than usual. Your body will not be used to this new sleeping routine and it will effect your entire day. You will be completely thrown off. As the days progress, waking up early is going to get harder and reverting back to your old habit of hitting the snooze button is going to get more tempting. One morning you are going to decide that New Year’s resolutions are stupid anyway and you are going to sleep as late as you did before. At that point you will have given up on waking up early and you will back to your old ways.

A Better Solution

A much better way to accomplish your goal is to make progress in smaller steps. Instead of trying to change everything all at once, work toward your ultimate goal in manageable pieces over a reasonable time frame.

For instance, if your goal is to wake up earlier, maybe your first step would be to get used to waking up to an alarm without hitting snooze. You could start by setting your alarm for the time that you normally sleep until but commit to getting in the habit of getting out of bed right when your alarm goes off. Once you have accomplished that, you could work on getting up earlier. You could start by setting your alarm back 30 minutes earlier and wake up at that time for a couple of days. You could continue to set your alarm back by reasonable increments over a reasonable time frame until you are suddenly waking up exactly when you want to!

With this method the transition will be so much smoother and you will not be taking on more than you can handle. Of course the change won’t happen overnight this way, but you will have much more sustainable solution. Take small, manageable steps toward you ultimate goal, have patience, and remember that before you know it significant and long term change will be made!

How This Relates to the Keto Lifestyle

Living a Ketogenic Lifestyle is not an easy task to accomplish. Seriously. It is so easy to say, “I’m going to start restricting my carb intake tomorrow.” Actually doing it is a completely different story! We aren’t talking about breaking a small little habit here, carbs are honestly more like an addiction! Not to mention they are going to be tempting you every single step along the way.

Don’t try making the Ketogenic Lifestyle a New Year’s resolution. It is going to be completely overwhelming to restrict your carb intake to a ketogenic level all at once. It is HARD to commit to the ketogenic diet. I’m not telling you this to discourage you. You CAN do it! Just don’t try to accomplish ketosis overnight. We all love instant gratification but such large lifestyle changes take time and effort.

The best advice that I can give you about going on the ketogenic diet is to take manageable steps towards your goal. It isn’t a race. Push yourself to make progress but build a sustainable foundation for long term success with this lifestyle. You will find that everything you are trying to accomplish will become a reality with the right combination of motivation, time, and effort.

You can always seek help from our team at Beta BIOS. Join The Ketogenic Benefit Facebook group and never hesitate to contact us. We started Beta BIOS with the goal to help as many people as we possibly can overcome type 2 diabetes with the Ketogenic Lifestyle. We value your health and happiness!

Once again, Happy New Year! I hope your year is filled much success, love, and happiness in every aspect!

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