A Tale of Reversing Diabetes

A Tale of Reversing Diabetes

An inspiration for all of us to follow

Prediabetic? Mother of 11? Working full time? Duped with lies about health? Loss of hope for a longer life? Sounds like a lot to handle…

Ruth - the amazing story of prediabetes reversal

This is the true story of Ruth, someone with an incredible tale to tell. She had a lot on her plate – more than we can even describe in a single blog post. All she wanted was a way out – a way to better health. And it appeared as though no one was offering it.

She was falling for the conventional wisdom to lay off the fat and pick up on whole grain carbs. But Ruth wasn’t totally ignorant. She could see it wasn’t working, but she didn’t know what else to do about it. After all, they are medical professionals, right?

What does somebody do when in a situation like this? There was just so much noise out there in the world. It was hard to even find a second of rest amidst the loud shouting of “health experts.”

There were really two options for her: 1) sit back and wait for the disease state to worsen; or 2) get out of her comfort zone and try something so crazy that it just might work.

The Beginnings

Because we are writing this post, you can assume she chose the second option. And you would be correct. We figured it is a perfect day (being Mother’s Day and all) to have a quick blog post about one of our favorite and most heart felt stories.

About 3 years ago, Ruth stumbled upon the ketogenic diet after a lot of time spent researching. And I mean, A LOT. So, what started her down that hole?

She learned one simple fact from a general practitioner: the problems with gluten. That’s it. It only took a 5-second spiel on a simple protein to change the direction of her life. She will admit that was the best advice she had ever been given.

From that point she started doing tons of research on what kinds of diets are really the best. Ones backed by true science, not big organizational marketing. Ruth started form the basics. What make up the foods we decide to eat on a regular basis? What kind of nutrients do they provide? Why are certain nutrients demonized, and why are certain ones praised? There was a lot she had to relearn. She had to wade through all the junk to come to the ketogenic diet. And this was years ago – before the diet was “popular.”

You can imagine the excitement she got when she saw this can actually work. And then she found doctors hidden in the dark corners of the web that have been studying this stuff for years! Imagine the relief. She pieced together the truth for herself and was able to confirm it with doctors. The lights started going off in her head. Connections of health were being made. This was the rebirth of Ruth.

The Results

Needless to say, she has been following it to the “T” every since. Want to know why? Because it actually worked! That’s why. Ever since she discovered it, she annoyed the heck out of her family because of how amazing it is. [Sound familiar?] But not only was she just talking about it – she was living it. People saw with their own eyes the changes it made for her.

We do not sell fake health here. We only tell the truth about the paths to a better life. Ruth was able to not only lower her HbA1c from 5.7% to 4.9%, she is the healthiest she has ever been. The energy she gained is ridiculous! She’s lost tons of weight and is more active than most people her age.

Heart health is a major issue for people living with diabetes, and this was on her radar. She recently went to get her coronary artery calcium score (which measure calcification in your heart – the true risk factor). It came back as 0! Yes! That means she has no reason to worry about heart failure any time soon. Can you imagine her relief? It’s astonishing, and it’s all because of the keto lifestyle.

But most importantly to us: she is confident and happy once again. That’s why we do what we do. Ruth has so much confidence in her health, and that frees up her mind for other things – like visiting with her kids who are all grown up.

Passing the Knowledge onto Others

Ruth has seen some amazing results. Results we have seen firsthand. She knows it is too important to keep to herself, and that’s why she talked about the diet so much when she started out. Do you want to know a dirty little secret? Do you want to know who first preached the truth of keto to us? 

Yep, it was Ruth, and that’s why we are writing about her today. She happens to be the very person that started us on this journey 2 years ago. We were skeptical of what she talked about, but we saw the science. We couldn’t ignore the facts.

Because of Ruth, we have dedicated the rest of our lives to helping others with diabetes. It is because of her that we spend all of our time researching diabetes, diet, and pathways to health. Diabetes can be beat. And you do not need to sit in silence any longer.

We want to help you become like Ruth. We know you have what it takes – and we know we can help you along. You have the goals and the willpower. We have the resources to make your goals a reality. If this is a story that resonated with you, then we encourage you to sign up for our Starter Guide here. We know you have what it takes to change the direction of your health. You deserve it.

*Oh, and one more important note: Ruth also happens to be one of our mothers… Why do you think we care so much about the diet? Thanks to all her hard work, she is able to spend the rest of her (much longer) life in happiness with her kids. Thank you for changing the direction of your health, Mom. I love you.

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