Weight Loss

What if everything they told you about weight loss was wrong?…

Most people think, “Hey, if I use more energy (through exercise) than I put back in with food, then I must lose weight.”Forget everything you learned about weight loss

Right? If you take water out of a bucket at a faster rate than you are filling it back up, then eventually it will empty. Sadly, our bodies do not work as simplistically. There is much more to weight loss than a “calories in, calories out” kind of model. While that may play a tiny role, for the most part that is a distraction from the truth. Focusing on the energy amounts we take in is keeping us from living a free life.

Not only does it add stress to our lives, it actually doesn’t help anything. This may sounds like a weird concept, but not all energy is created equal. Their is a hierarchy. Some forms of energy are better than others, and this holds true with food. Let’s look at an analogy.

When you are camping and plan to start a fire, do you look for anything that will produce flames? No, of course you look around for the best, driest wood. You don’t find deer droppings to use. Although you can get just as much heat and fire out of dung, you recognize that there is a better experience around using wood.

It is not just a simple energy calculation. There are other circumstances around the fire fuel that make it “desirable.” Burning dung will give you an awful smell along with the fire, so you don’t use it.

Similarly, the consumption of certain foods have undesirable by-products and pathways that prevent us from loosing weight. Simply put:

Calories from fat are far better for you than calories from carbohydrate.

That should be our focus – not the quantity of calories, but the quality. If you want to lose weight and keep it that way, then you must keep your insulin responses low and eat more fat. That’s it.

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