Saturated Fat

“Saturated Fats Are Bad”  —  Myth Or Fact?


Actually, it is not just a myth. It is flat out contrary to science to say they are “bad.” Not only are saturated fats NOT BAD, they are GOOD FOR YOU.

Did you catch that?? They are actually good for you. They are a crucial part of a healthy diet to keep you living long, happy, and heart disease free. Without saturated fats, you are preventing your body from being at its happiest and most efficient state.

[And the uproar of the entire community room could be heard from across town… Their jaws dropped in disbelief…]

That is correct. And please be skeptical of our statement. We encourage disbelief. Before reading this, understand this is our own summary of all the research out there in the world. This is a boiled down explanation of all the randomized control trials we have been able to find. And there is a lot.

If you see anything wrong with what we have proposed here, please let us know. We want the truth to prevail. Even if we are wrongBut, of course, we don’t think you will be able to find anything to prove us wrong. The science is simply to sound to ignore.

Check out the other pages below to learn more about this beautiful food. Let’s go through the wardrobe, shall we?

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