Polyunsaturated Fat

Science VS Marketing

America has been all about those polyunsaturated fats for the past few decades. Those are oily fats like cooking (vegetable) oils and fish oil.

They are the healthier choice, right? That’s what they like to tell us, but what does the science have to say? For the most part, quite the opposite..

Do you have confusion about polyunsaturated fats?

Perhaps the claim to move away from animal fats towards manufactured fats was a move for business, not health. We have no problem with a company looking to make a dollar, but to warp the American health organizations into promoting their products is a bit infuriating.

It makes us especially mad when those products are harming people at the same time they are claiming to be helping people. They are liars. They have gotten into trouble in the past with things like trans fat and hydrogenated oils, so what makes us think their other manufactured precursors to these are any better?

Of course, this is all just personal opinion at this point. But we assure you, this is not all we have to offer. We have all the science to back us up. In fact, we used to believe these kind of manufactured fats were good. They had us dooped pretty well.

Only until we did deep research on the subject did we find the opposite to be true. We are a true example of science. We dived into this topic with no expectations, but, oh man, did our universe get shattered when we found the truth. We now see the truth, and all we want to do is spread the knowledge. We hope you soon see the problems associated with products like this.

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