Miscellaneous Fears

Pure Emotion VS Real Science? Hmm…

Even with all of the amazing benefits of the diet, there are those who are hesitant to start because of one little thing they heard or read on a blog. It is those “little fears” we’d like to debunk.

Sadly, there is a lot of fear of the ketogenic diet because of its potential effects on certain parts of the body. After all, there isn’t a whole lot of research specifically on the keto diet, so we do not blame anyone for having reservations about starting it. Rather than make you feel bad for not understanding, we would like to bring you to the light. Let’s bring true scientific research to the playing field and have you make the choice. You can strive for health based on emotion, or strive for it based on real facts and science. Which would you choose?

Follow the links below to learn more about each concern and why they are unwarranted and not backed by true science:

==> Kidney Concerns?

==> Thyroid Concerns?

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