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Ketosis & Longevity

Ketosis and Its Anti-Aging Effects This week’s article is on ketosis and its life-lengthening effects.[1] (click here for the file): Veech RL, Bradshaw PC, Clarke K, Curtis W, Pawlosky R, King MT. 2017. Ketone Bodies Mimic the Life Span Extending Properties of Caloric Restriction. International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Life 69(5): 305-314. Most…
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Hyperinsulinemia & You

Hyperinsulinemia is to Blame… Why is having too much insulin in your body (hyperinsulinemia) a bad thing? Have you ever heard of heart disease? What about neuropathy? Diabetes? Cancer? Fatty liver? Osteoporosis? ==> These are only some of the diseases insulin plays a part in… The number of complications that arise from hyperinsulinemia is enormous.…
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Eat Less and Live Longer

Dietary Restriction and Its Effect on the Body What’s up with all of this talk on eating less? Is there real science to back up dietary restriction?? So what does “dietary restriction” imply? Ha yes, you guessed it: eating less. And usually it entails eating less than you think you need. It’s about actively knowing…
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Membrane Unsaturation & Aging

Unsaturation of Your Membranes Affect Aging What is yet another cause of aging?? It has to do with the structure of your cell membranes (unsaturation is worse). This is Part 2 of the triology of the topic on aging. Understanding is the first step in figuring out how to mitigate it. Let’s start off with…
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Oxidative Species & DNA Manipulation

Huge Cause of DNA Mutation and Aging How cellular functions ultimately lead to DNA destruction… Are we telling you that you can actually change your DNA? Simply by having a certain “product” in your body? Yep! We are telling you that. In case you were wondering, this is not good — to alter your DNA…
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Dietary Lipids and Your Mitochondria

Your Mitochondria and Diet So what’s up with your mitochondria? Are they doing alright? Or are they generating ROS and leaking protons?… What the heck does that even mean?? We will be diving into all that later. The research studied for this week was about dietary fats, calorie restriction, and problems with cellular processes. Specifically,…
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