Author: Walter Prentice

Not All Moods Are Created Equal

Most of the time I will go to bed and wake up early. But yesterday, this was not the case. Man, was it hard for me to get out of bed. I had this overwhelming feeling of stress that kept me in. I just found myself feeling so beat down, tired, angry, and sad from…
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A Second Look At “Whole Grains”

Just like many doctors out there in the practice, Dr. Unwin (UK) was under the impression that whole-grain, natural brown bread was a great health-food for ill/diabetic patients.[1]┬áIf it is natural and whole, what could possibly be the problem? Well, after just doing a little bit of research, he notes how wrong he was for…
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Questions About Conventional Recommendations

What is the truth about diet and how has the American food industry has been influenced by special interests? Those are great questions that we hope to answer. We believe there is a serious lack of truth on the market, and we would like to dispel some of the beliefs. You most likely have been…
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