Author: Walter Prentice

Keto for better moods

Better Moods with Ketosis?

Can Ketosis Fix Your Moods? Have you ever felt depressed? Maybe it is not just a once-in-a-while kind of thing. Maybe it is a constant occurrence kind of thing… Whatever the source is, a ketogenic diet will provide much more relief than you would expect. Hear me out. While it may sound too good to…
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The Need for Community

What makes keto difficult? Would you want an alcoholic to quit the booze addiction on his own, alone?¬† How about expect the pornography addict to resist the temptation sitting alone in his apartment? Of course not! You would expect both to get help through love, not solitude. Through friends, family, and other support groups, we…
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Neuroprotection with Keto

Keto can protect your brain Most people use the ketogenic diet for weight loss. That is by far its most popular use; however, these people are gaining much more than they ever thought possible. It’s like buying a ticket to Florida and finding out you won a scuba diving trip with Leonardo DiCapario. You get…
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Hyperinsulinemia Leads to Dysglycemia

What’s a real predictor of diabetes? What is the real definition of diabetes? It is a little harder to define than some may think… Doctors usually measure and diagnose it through high blood sugars. The American Diabetes Association¬†focuses only on glucose in their diagnostic section.[1]¬†Because they talk only of blood sugar, we must assume they…
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High Carb Alzheimer’s

Thanks to high-carb evangelism, we now have a type 3 diabetes… We all know about the 2 types of diabetes, right? There is type 1 where someone is unable to produce adequate insulin to take care of glucose metabolism. Then there is type 2 where someone is insulin resistant, and there cells no longer want…
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Neuronal Autophagy

Charge up your brain with autophagy Are you looking to avoid Alzheimer’s? Sounds like a pretty silly question if you ask me. Of course. Who wouldn’t want that? But if you really want tangible brain health, then you must look at the implications of autophagy. Autophagy is the recycling system of the body.[1] In the…
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