Author: Nurse Ruth

Does Saturated Fat Impair Ability to Focus?

Headlines warn, “Our ability to focus may falter after eating one meal high in saturated fat” [1, 2, 3]. Another tells us, “Fried Mind: Just One Meal High In Saturated Fat Impedes One’s Ability To Focus” [4]. Intrigued, I looked up the study: Afternoon distraction: a high-saturated-fat meal and endotoxemia impact postmeal attention in a…
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Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

I grew up on a small farm in southeastern South Dakota.  One of my earliest memories was eating a hearty breakfast of pancakes and eggs at the Stockyards Cafe in Sioux Falls. My brothers, sisters, and I begged to ride with Dad on those trips delivering cattle. Other breakfast traditions included picnics at Newton Hills…
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Nurse Ruth

Fooled by Phenome

A Skinny-Fat Phenotype Nobody ever accused me of being fat.  People, many of whom carried a few extra pounds, told me I was skinny.  I didn’t think I was skinny, but I knew I wasn’t overweight or obese.  At least on the outside.  In a world experiencing an epidemic of obesity, I was proud of…
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