About Us

Who Are We? – A bunch of nerds

At Beta BIOSTM we want you to get to know us — as much as we want to get to know you. Openness and honesty are of utmost value to this family.

To get started, we are a organization who specializes in biological processes and research.

Specifically, we specialize in why a ketogenic diet works. We are a resource for you to use at any time.

Yes, we are nerds. This is where chemical engineers and medical doctors join forces.

At the risk of coming off as arrogant, we are incredibly smart.

Well let’s clarify that statement a bit…

Incredibly smart in some areas, like biological science. Not so much in others, like remembering Valentine’s Day…

Not at all are we implying we’re better than anyone. We just happen to have specialized knowledge in this one subject.

And it is not the engineering mind that makes us “smart,” but rather the amount of love we have for learning. That is our greatest skill.

We are total nerds. Nerds who care.

No amount of science can escape our view.

With everything we have learned, our knowledge on the subject is greater than most. Our passion for this material of science is out of this world. We actually study this stuff for fun.

Articles and high level research – (that would might make your head spin) – are where we find ourselves the happiest.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

As stated above, we LOVE this subject.

What naturally flows from such a wealth of knowledge?

==> The desire to spread the message. That is why we exist.

You deserve a light in all of the craziness of the world. We are here to be that light.

Use us. Quote us. Challenge us. Be skeptical of us. Do whatever you like with us.

We are here to spread the gospel of diet.

So, we started this company with the intention of making a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

A Problem To Fix

There are many atrocities occurring around the world in the diet, health, and wellness industry.

Lies – misinformation – negligence – good intentions

These are all things we have got to kick.

Facts define the science of health. Not marketing, and not special interest organizations.

==> Nope. It’s about sound science. That is it.

But rather than simply worry or complain about it, we decided to take action — even if it means going against the well established grain.

Are you starting to get a grasp of who we are yet?

Beta BIOS is more than just a business or blog. We are about creating a family of healthy and happy individuals. We will do whatever we can to help you.

(If you would like to learn more about our approach to treating diabetes, sign-up for our Starter Guide and Newsletter here. We would love to see you there!)

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