A Ketogenic Diet for Metabolic Health

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What Does Keto Look Like?

Ketogenic therapy involves a special kind of diet. Restricting your carbs to the levels below induces a state of “ketosis.” It is a totally different form of metabolism. This is not a fad diet. This is based on real science to reverse your condition & prevent future complications.




The Four Corners of Keto

This is unlike any diet therapy you have experienced in the past. You are literally changing the motor of your body. Are you ready?


Is there a cure to diabetes? We believe there is. It all starts with your diet. Ketosis will not only prevent diseases like diabetes, heart diease, and Alzheimer’s – it can actually reverse them.


Everything seems to say it’ll make you live longer. Where is the data? Why yes, we actually have that.  A state of ketosis combined with vital supplements are the surest path to a long life of health and happiness.


Is your brain running at full capacity? Lift the dark fog that has been crowding your brain for too long. Ketogenic therapy is the best path to stable mental health. Simultaneously, it enhances your mental focus and memory.


Nevermind all the other amazing benefitts – this diet is also the quickest way to shedding weight. In a state of ketosis, you become a fat burning machine. This is by far the best therapy for your self-esteem.


Check out all of the information we have to offer about the ketogenic diet. Get informed and go Keto!

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Who Are We at Beta BIOS?

We challenge the status quo. We go against the grain. 

Will you join us in the dietary revolution?

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About Us

Our Philosophy

What is the key to happiness?

Does it have to do with the ketogenic diet? Science and data say so. 

So, if you believe in real science, then this might be a good fit for you.

Our philosophy at Beta BIOS is that everyone deserves to live a healthy and liberating lifestyle. You have the power to get there. We have the resources to help you along the way.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others have to say:


Using the principles of the Ketogenic Lifestyle, I was able to lower my Hemoglobin A1C, a measure of average blood sugar, from the pre-diabetic level of 5.7 to a normal level of 4.9. I applaud Beta BIOS for promoting low carb, healthy fat eating. It works for me!


I have always lived an active lifestyle of exercise and sports. However, I was not immune to deteriorating health caused by the SAD. After years of what I thought was healthy living, I started to gain weight and my blood sugar started to rise. Fortunately, I found Beta BIOS. Using the ketogenic diet, I lost 40 lbs and brought my blood sugar back to normal. Thanks to Beta BIOS I can continue living my active lifestyle at 71 years old!


Beta BIOS has shown me the light about metabolic diseases. I no longer use carbs as my main source of energy, and I have never felt better! Because of Beta BIOS I know that I will never experience the pain and agony of metabolic diseases.

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